• 20th December
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Putin Backs Russian Plan to Ban Adoptions to US

I know international adoptions are controversial. I understand the argument that kids should stay in the place they are born so at least they know their culture and have a better chance at one day finding blood relatives. I can see how people in the US might argue that it’s more important for Americans to adopt kids out of our foster care system rather than import children from overseas. I find both of those points valid, though I obviously don’t agree with them.

What I find appalling, however, is that orphans are being used as political pawns. Russia doesn’t want to ban all international adoptions, just ones to the US. They would rather thousands of kids without families rot in orphanages than be loved and cared for because Putin and his cronies are upset that the US says Russia violates human rights.

Obviously the way to prove the US wrong is to remove the human right of having a family from kids.

  1. livingformeandmimi said: This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine denying kids a family because of a political pissing match.
  2. pickyourheartupoffthefloor said: ugh that’s awful
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