• 17th April
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Reproductive Rights

I normally don’t get political on here, but I heard this story on the radio today about how women in Uzbekistan are being forcibly sterilized. Apparently the practice is that after you deliver your third child the doctors preform a hysterectomy whether you want one or not. Occasionally it happens after your first or second child (about 80% of women are forced to have C-sections so the doctor can remove the uterus while “stitching up”). Many women don’t even know it happened until months or years later when they go to find out why they can’t get pregnant again. Often, their husbands leave them believing that there is no way a woman could have not known a doctor was performing such a serious operation.

I’m not sharing because of the story of one woman at the end who was sterilized at 24 after the birth of her first daughter who subsequently died a few days later, or because of the story of the woman who got on a bus and fled to Kazakhstan rather than abort her 6 month old fetus (is it even a fetus then? It could live outside the mother), or the many women who talk about their unbearable physical pain from botched operations. Those things are all terrible, but I’m sharing this because while I was listening all I could think was: How is this any different than all the anti-abortion laws America is trying to pass? I mean, obviously here we’re trying to force women to have unwanted babies and Uzbekistan is trying to prevent wanted ones, but at the heart of it this is about two very different countries both trying to take choices away from women.

We think of ourselves as free. That in America people have control over their words, their actions, their bodies. But when it gets down to it, American women aren’t trusted enough to make their own reproductive choices, and that is very frightening to me.

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